WP Website Migration Service


Migrating your website from one host to another host can seem like a major undertaking but it is really easy to do if you use our website migration services. At SEOMunch.com we have migrated hundreds of websites. We can do it quickly and professionally with very little or no downtime, no matter who your hosting provider is.

We are happy to help and will make sure that your migration is as smooth as possible. We pride ourselves on migrating websites seamlessly with expert planning and execution. Our migration service starts with planning the move, understanding each hosting provider, and executing the migration process so that it is easy and flawless.


WordPress migration is one of our most popular migration services. We have done hundreds of WordPress projects and have a process of perfectly migrating this platform with little to no downtime. For our WordPress migration service our standard migration process is to take backups of the WordPress site, move the files, move the database, move any emails associated with the domain name, and update the nameservers to point to the hosting service.

In most cases we can migrate a WordPress website in 48 hours or less. In certain more complex situations it may take up to 72 hours but those are rare. We have migrated to and from thousands of web hosts and rarely find a web host service that we have not worked with in the past. If you want to get your WordPress site migrated without any hassle, SEOMunch.com is the best company for your needs.

There are many reasons why a client may need their website migrated including:

  • Moving to a another host
  • Upgrading your web hosting for additional space or bandwidth

Regardless of why a website needs to be migrated, we can help make the transition as smooth as possible with our website migration services. We will move over all files, databases, email addresses, and any other files so that the website will be 100% migrated without any loss of data and minimal downtime. We pride ourselves on having excellent communication and will make sure that you are always updated on your project.

We can work with all types of projects and sites. Whether you need to urgently migrate or would like to schedule it out a few weeks, we can create a perfect strategy to get your project completed on schedule. We work with all sizes or projects and can seamlessly help you with your needs. Contact us today and lets get started on your project right away.